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  Waste Problem?


Waste and Trash Power Packer... It not only helps CRUSH waste...

It SAVES you money in the process.

Waste management control is of vital importance in today’s fast paced and competitive society. Industries such as: Health Care, Hospital, Manufacturing, School / University, Food Services, Housing Complexes, Hospitality Firms, Theme Parks, Hotel Chains, Motel Chains, Fast Food Companies, Marine and Offshore Platforms, Energy Companies, the Military and government agencies need to get a handle on the control and removal of their waste. By using the right waste management equipment you can SAVE MONEY! Let our experts give you FREE advice regarding waste management equipment.

With an ever increasing population and the shrinking availability of land-fill facilities there is a pressing need to reduce the volume and decrease the handling of trash. It's becoming an economic reality in today’s world. The answer is POWER PACKER... Your waste problem solution.

The POWER PACKER waste management system is the perfect answer to total waste management and trash control. POWER PACKER offers you three different sizes to cover most any waste management application. They are: the 300 SS, 450 SS, and 700 SS. All three stainless steel waste compactors offer superior design and construction using stainless steel throughout. They all provide huge savings in trips to the waste dumpster, fewer pickups by the hauler, improved security, easier housekeeping, superior sanitation and a quick return on your investment. In addition, POWER PACKER is easy to use, saves space and labor costs. SAVE$ MONEY!

Some very good reasons to install POWER PACKER

    « Dramatically lowers hauling costs and waste costs 
    « Better security for your business and employees
    « Saves you big money on labor costs
    « Easier janitorial and housekeeping
    « Reduces opportunity for employee pilferage
    « Upgrades the appearance of your building / facility / property
    « Lessens fire hazards and complies with health standards
    Waste Management Solutions at an Affordable Price

    6 Easy Steps to Waste Management
     1. Remove bag from bag dispenser and insert into Power Cube  2. Slide trash cube inside Power Packer  3. Load trash in Power Packer, close door and cycle unit
     4. When full, eject waste cube onto Power Lift  5. Seal trash bag and
       separate top of Power
         Cube from trash
     6. Transport trash cube to trash dumpster

    Corporate Facility Managers, Building Planners, Manufacturing and Food Services Managers and Buyers rely on our expert waste management advice and quick turn around! Our waste management and recycling equipment includes small/medium/large stainless steel compactors, vertical balers, drum crushers, as well as other waste management solutions.


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