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Model Advance 2000 compactors/balers

The Advance 2000 is a revolutionary development in waste reduction technology. This combination Compactor/Baler minimizes waste at the point of generation. Its space saving design and minimal electrical requirements (single phase/110 volt) allow it to be located wherever is most convenient, rather than outside a facility, where waste is rarely generated.

Reduce valuable labor hours by limiting the number of trips employees make to external waste collection.

Manage cardboard so that air is eliminated, maximizing storage space and reducing collection frequency.

The Advance 2000 occupies less than fourteen square feet of floor space (with doors open), and it is simple, safe and convenient to operate. Roll in the compatible, sixty-four gallon cart, latch it into place, and you're ready to compact Then slide the trolley head to the baler side and bale cardboard. Switch back and forth between operations as necessary.

Compaction ratios can be adjusted as desired, ranging from 40 to 100 pounds.


65" wide X 30" deep X 84" high
110/115V - 50/60 cycle
Container Size:
64 gal. Roller type
Top Load Opening(Compctor):
24" X 16"
Weight of Compacted Material:
175 - 225 lbs.
2" square by 3/16" wall structural steel tubing
Push button controls using U.L listed components
Hydraulic 2-stage - 1 horsepower - high torque
1,200 lbs
Platen Force:
8,600 lbs. - 1750 PSI.
Platen Construction:
5/8" solid steel
Loading Door(Baler):
26 1/2" X 21"
Weight of Baled Material:
40 - 100 lbs
Continues welded steel plate
2 1/2" diameter hardened steel
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